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    Where it all happens.

    Located at Rua do Ouro by the Douro River, MXM ArtCenter is a place where MXM Dance Studio, MXM Artists & Productions and MXM Artists & Productions come together.


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Max Oliveira – EN
My work is not a work because when I work I do not work.

Max Oliveira

Mind of an Athlete and heart of an artist.

Leader of Momentum Crew. Director of MXM.

Max Oliveira from Porto, Portugal is the leader of Momentum Crew, founder of MXM ArtCenter and is a legendary name in the Breaking scene.

With the mind of an athlete and heart of an artist, Max Oliveira is a choreographer, professional dancer and winner of numerous national and international competitions.

He has been organizing the major urban dance events for the last twenty years in Portugal.


MXM Artists & Productions

The MXM ArtCenter is where everything happens. In addition to producing shows, events and themed parties, we respond in a personalized way to each request.

MXM Dance Studio

MXM Dance Studio is a dance school devoted to artistic and cultural development through vocational training, including postgraduate degrees in Urban Dance. Although this is our essence, we offer learning options in several styles.

MXM Food & Drinks

MXM Food & Drinks is a catering space that mixes Art and Gastronomy. With a buffet and alternative snacks, enjoy one of the most beautiful views in front of Douro river, sitting on our terrace.



Discover the events dedicated to urban dance.

The World Battle 2022

Algori World Battle is an urban art event, where some of the most important international dance cornpetitions are held.
lt is an urban art event, where some of the most important international dance cornpetitions are held.
Algori World Battle is also exhibitions, urban vibes, market, cultural outreach, news and artistic trends.ln addition to the cornpetitive focus and cultural promotion, there is the festive atmosphere lived in the various parts.

1st  September to 4th september