MXM Dance Studio

MXM Dance Studio

Momentum Dance Studio is dedicated to artistic-cultural development through vocational training. It is a place with excellent dance facilities and renowned teachers, our essence is the Urban Dance yet we offer learning options in several styles:

• Bboying
• Locking
• Hip-Hop
• Dancehall
• Bboying Kids
• Creation/Improvisation
• Popping
• Oriental Dance
• Afro-Latins
• Ballet
• African Dance
• House
• Yoga
• Coaching Bboying with Momentum Crew

Momentum Dance Studio – EN
Momentum Dance Studio is the dance school dedicated to artistic-cultural development through training.
  • MDS
  • MDS

    The MDS at the MXM Artcenter headquarters is one of the main focus of the center where future generations are prepared for our stage projects. High level formation with recognized teachers team, located in Porto: Foz do Douro.



    Rua do Ouro, nº 264 – Porto

    +351 223 187 266 

    +351 911 997 919

Schedule 2018/2019
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