MXM Productions

MXM Productions

We create what we feel.

Dance artists, music and performance company directed by Max Oliveira. We proudly produce shows within entertainment and cultural ranges.
Production – EN
Along with medium/long term shows, the company constantly produces for both public and private events.


Discover the events dedicated to urban dance.

SWB - The B-BOY Gala 2018

Unprecedented urban dance initiative that brought together bboys from eight different countries, on the stage of the Salão Atlântico of the Casino Espinho.

Inspired by urban dance battles and produced by choreographer Max Oliveira, the traditional street battles are played in a luxurious and refined atmosphere.




TWB - The World Battle 2019

It is an Urban Art event where some of the most important international dance competitions are held.

The WORLD BATTLE is also exhibitions, urban vibes, market, cultural outreach, artistic news and trends. In addition to the competitive focus and cultural promotion is to highlight the festive atmosphere experienced in the various Parties.




4 – 5 May 2019