Momentum Crew

Mind and heart brothers.

Together since 2003, Momentum Crew is the first professional urban dance group in Portugal and considered one of the best crews of Breaking in the world.


They have won more than 70 first places in different international events – the most recent as Crew vs Crew world champions.

They study a wide range of arts that inspire them to create innovative performances, applying the art of Breakdance to any theme or situation.


Max Oliveira

“I am the founder of momentum crew and a Funky Soul Man.“

Mix Ivanou

“I am the founder and the energy behind Momentum Crew.“

Bruce Almighty

“I am the creativity and humor of Momentum Crew.”

Ivo Ribeiro

“I am one of the oldest members of the Crew. Bboy spirit forever.“

Deeogo Oliveira

“In search to represent the contemporary versatility of Bboying.“

João “Magik“ Cunha

“The strength, joy and energy. One of the oldest members of the Crew.“

Hugo “Mad Dog“ Pires

“Soul of a Bboy with a Crew-minded spirit.“

Roberto “de Niro“ Mendes

“Part of the new generation and future of Momentum Crew.“

João “Makumba“ Campos

“ I am the attitude and charisma, the new generation, with a capoeira influence.“

Roman “XXL” Bedusenko

“Striving to give the Crew as much as I have in height.“

Lagaet Alin

“The Caribbean twist.“


“Who said Momentum Crew are just boys? Proud to be a Bgirl!”

André “Hercules”




The newest element of Momentum Crew


Dinner Concert

The dinner concert is a unique experience that combines gastronomy and live music – April 13th at MXM Art Center

Saturday Breakfast

Indulge in the weekend’s finest moments with an exclusive menu set against the breathtaking backdrop of the Douro River.

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